Sexiest Halloween Costumes of 2016

Sexiest Halloween Costumes of 2016
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Sexiest Halloween Costumes of 2016

Our favorite holiday is Halloween. We can’t resist celebrating a day dedicated to dressing up and being mischievous. So with October 31st quickly approaching, we have put together a list of 2016’s sexiest Halloween costumes. Pick from this list and you’re sure to be the centerpiece of every party.

#1 Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad

We’ll start out with what will likely be a very popular Halloween costume this year. Suicide Squad was one of the biggest movies of the summer, with bombshell Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn, a flirtatious villain with an appetite for troublemaking. This is the perfect outfit for a full night out on the town.

 Crazy in Luv Sexy Comic Book Villain Costume

#2 Black Widow, Captain America: Civil War

While we’re on the subject of movie hits from this summer, we have to include Black Widow from Captain America: Civil War. Superheros will reign supreme this year for Halloween, and this red hot character is essential for any costume list. Not only is Black Widow a total badass, but what’s sexier than being clad in head-to-toe skin-tight leather?

#3 School Girl

The schoolgirl costume is a classic (and not just for Halloween). If you’re feeling adventurous, try this new, updated schoolgirl outfit style. This costume leaves little to the imagination, which is how we like it. Without a doubt, you will be turning heads all night long.

#4 Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones

This Game of Thrones character is the perfect combination of beautiful, powerful, and fearless, making her an incredibly sexy character to portray. The bonus here is that her character has had a lot of different looks, so you can really make this costume your own, from a completely see-through gown  to a barely-there warrior outfit, she’ll have a look for whatever your mood may be.

#5 Princess Leia, Star Wars

The new Star Wars installment “The Force Awakens” came out last year and was huge. While that film had a number of excellent costumes that would make for a sexy outfit, we like to throw it back to Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars movies. Leia’s character has been enchanting men for years, and with an outfit like this how could she not?

#6 Kill Bill

Speaking of throwbacks, Kill Bill is one of our favorite costumes year after year. There’s just something sexy about a woman in a skin tight outfit with a samurai sword. If Uma Thurman’s well known look isn’t your style, Lucy Liu’s kimono or Daryl Hannah’s slutty nurse outfit might be more what you’re looking for. It’s impossible not to feel sexy in any of these outfits, with some added excitement for how dangerous these women are.

Womens Solid Gold Mock Neck Jumpsuit

#7 Superwoman

Like we said before, the superhero theme will be popular this year, so of course we had to include the queen of all superheroes, Superwoman. This is another classic costume, but you can sex it up as much as you like to steal the spotlight of any party.

Image result for sultry strength sexy superhero costume

#8 Warrior

If you’re into costumes with lots of fun accessories, this would be the best costume for you. You can dress it up with shield, sword, belts, boots, unique headwear, the list goes on. Men will kneel at just the sight of you with this sultry outfit.

Image result for victorious sexy warrior costume

#9 Gift

If your birthday is on Halloween, or maybe you’re just ready for Christmas, going as a gift to be unwrapped will put a playful and lusty spin on your costume. There are many sultry gift styles that can be worn as costumes, but this one is by far our favorite. Everyone will be falling all over themselves for a chance to unwrap you.

Image result for unwrap me bow teddy

#10 Deadpool spinoff

Channel your inner BDSM desires with this kinky costume. While the costume is similar to that of the superhero in the movie Deadpool, this costume can be classified as any rebellious movie character. It’s the perfect costume for a night out on the town that really lets your deviant side come out to play.

Image result for rebellious sexy movie character